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Avale Story

Aminat Idowu was only seven years old when she started feeling pains in her eyes and having tears flow from them continuously. She was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with cancer of the eyes. She was immediately placed on Acyclovir medication as there were no funds for her treatment or for chemotherapy.

She has been taking medication for years to control the pain and the flow of tears from her eyes. Her parents have sourced funds to fly her to India for proper treatment with little success as every little donation is channeled to management of her situation rather than outright correction of the illness.

Not being able to meet the target for her treatment abroad within the set time has worsened her condition as cancer has progressed to stage 2. Aminat is urgently in need of free will donors to save her life and turn it around for the better. She is calling on well-meaning Nigerians to come to her aid and help her in this regard.

The cost of her treatment, coupled with her transportation to and from India and her upkeep after the surgery would be $25, 000. The family has come up with 40% of the amount needed and require well-meaning donors to assist with raising the balance required for immediate arrest of this aggressive cancer.