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Avale Story

The topic of good governance in Nigeria has been on-going for a long while as citizens of the country complain about the quality of service they receive from those elected to office. Our political leaders have been going back on their campaign promises and delivering less than promised to us, the people, especially with little zeal shown by anyone, to hold them accountable to their words.

Save The People, a registered NGO has received approval to stage a peaceful rally in Etoisa LGA, to champion calls for a referendum.

To ensure success of the program requires financial support of all to be deployed to the following uses:

  • Lease of truck for the one-day rally
  • Leasing of equipment for rallies such as speakers, microphones, generators, mixers, etc.
  • Printing of T-shirts, caps and other forms of paraphernalia needed such as banners, stickers, and handbills
  • Purchasing of glucose and water for rally participants

This project is one that will benefit Etoisa LGA. You may not all be able to support the rally with your presence, but your little donation will go a long way in ensuring the voice of residents is heard and affirmative action, undertaken for our collective benefit.