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Avale Story

This project was created in form of a wake-up call towards the deteriorating state of the Oblande LCDA environment, especially under the flyover and around the Roundabout area. For two years, the successive governments of the LCDA have overlooked the state of that environment and done nothing to improve its condition. Instead, it has gone from bad to worse by the second, causing several health hazards to passersby as well as the traders who own booths around the area. Our goal is to create massive awareness around the hazards encountered especially with drainages and flyovers.

The priorities for this project include drawing the attention of the public to the health challenges we face and calling the authorities in charge to order so that urgent and appropriate action is taken.

To this effect, please find below:

  • A petition to be signed by everyone concerned and forwarded to the relevant authorities to affirm full community support of this cause.
  • An agreement to be executed stating no part of the funds received for this project will come from any level of the government or government official.

The funds received for this project will be directed for use on the following items;

  • Printing of banners and handbills depicting our message
  • Organizing a rally around the LCDA to spread our message
  • Payment for trucks and other equipment needed for the rally
  • Buying light lunch for everyone that partook in the exercise
  • Handing out stipends to a select group of people who will commence operation keep Oblande LCDA clean
  • Printing of rally t-shirts and caps and other forms of paraphernalia for the rally
  • Purchasing and positioning industrial waste bin around the LCDA

The Oblande LCDA is among the biggest generators of revenue in the state, due to the level of business in the area. Such a hub of activity requires a befitting environment for companies and MSMEs, while remaining conducive for residents. If you agree that Oblande LCDA can be better than its current state and become a healthy and habitable environment for residents, businesspeople and office workers, then donate to help create awareness over the deteriorating state of its environment.